CBS Translations offers specialized, highly technical translation services to Private Industry, the U.S. Federal Government and many State and Local Governments.

Certified Language Translation and Content Translation
At CBS, we have built our reputation as a reliable translation service provider by never failing to deliver our language services on time, maintaining strict quality control over our translation services, treating all translation work with the highest degree of confidentiality and always being willing to stand behind our work and do whatever is necessary to meet our clients’ requirements. We provide Professional Language Services for variety of industries


  Analyst communications
  Annual & semi-annual reports
  Business codes of conduct
  Depository receipt documentation
  Employee share offerings
  Fact sheets
  Financial statements
  Initial public offerings
  Investor communications
  Mergers & Acquisitions
  Offering circulars
  Private placement memorandum
  Proxy statements & notices
  Shareholder communications


Intellectual property
Trust documents


401K enrollment plans
Employee handbooks
Marketing communications
PowerPoint presentations
Press releases
Print advertisements
Training materials
Voice-overs and subtitling
Web sites
White papers

Text Translation
We provide precise, accurate and certified translations in any discipline of any type of material from English into any language and any language into English.
All of our translations are completely edited and undergo our multi-step Quality Control Process. There is no subject matter too obscure or too specialized for us to handle – examples of those we deal with most often are: advertising, business, law, medicine, science, engineering, military, computers, internet technology and more.
The types of materials we handle routinely include correspondence, public service information, legal agreements, corporate brochures and literature, scientific articles, patent applications, technical drawings, manuals, research papers, presentations, regulatory documents, product specifications and more - see our Areas of Expertise for more information. These translations can be provided as any type of hard copy or electronic file.

We provide two kinds of editing services – editing and proofreading. Both services apply to previously translated materials and it is important to specify which kind you are interested in.
As part of the editing process, we will review the translated document thoroughly, comparing it to its original counterpart. The translation will be checked for translation accuracy as well as for grammatically and idiomatically correct language. The translation will also be checked for completeness and accuracy of transcription, where applicable.
The proofreading process involves checking mainly for grammatically and idiomatically correct language in a translated text, but does not involve checking for translation accuracy or completeness as it does not involve the comparison of the translated text to its original counterpart. Unless otherwise requested, both services focus on the content of the material and not on the formatting or layout

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