We’re enabling people and companies to achieve their goalsby making communication easy and accessible in any language, anywhere, anytime.

High quality innovativelanguage solutions

At CBS, our main goal is to provide a true value proposition to our clients and business partners by maintaining both price and quality at all satisfactory levels.

Our priority is customer satisfaction and our recognition. We believe that achieving these motives is key to our success. With locations in 4 offices across the world, we are dedicated to the art of quality language services and to making all of whom we work with a part of our family.

Our Company Culture

Our company culture empowers and encourages people to perform their best. Our staff is dedicated and committed to efficiency and being able to provide professional, high-quality services. This calls for exploring different cultures, experimenting with advanced technology, and collaborating with customers so we can translate what’s on the page and what’s between the lines.

Our executive team sets the direction and empowers a culture that celebrates differences, takes ownership of challenges, continually learns, and has fun while doing it. We push each other to not stand still but move forward through personal and professional growth. And together, we enjoy evolving our culture. The CBS Guiding Principles drive our leadership, employees, and clients, to reach their full potential.

Liability and Insurance

CBS operates in compliance with all government and client requirements.

Our Staff

CBS provides only its own contracted staff, does not prefer to act as third party. CBS is directly responsible and accountable party in its business dealings.

CBS always provides high quality staff for each defined scope of work that possesses great communication skills, high sense of responsibility and are pleasant individuals to work with. CBS conducts its business through contractual legal agreement with its staff and at all other assignments.

Risk Management

We expect surprises and are prepared to deal with them as things occur. We manage risk that our clients’ business continues uninterrupted.

Don't let language barriers slow down your international bussiness.

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