We Translate Your Personal Documents as Certified and Notarized.

Whether you are applying for immigration, establishing residency, or enrolling in a school, you can trust our Certified Translations.Our document translation services will be accurate, provided promptly, and accepted. We offer document translations in 120 languages.

CBS Translation Services is corporate member of the ATA (American Translators Association).


  • Green card
  • Citizenship
  • Divorce certificate
  • Immigration documents
  • USCIS documents
  • Social Security


  • Driver's licenses
  • Passport
  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificate
  • Death certificates
  • Letters


  • Diploma
  • Transcript
  • School record
  • Transcript
  • Syllabus
  • Graduation Document


  • Court Documents
  • Judgment
  • Titles
  • Deed
  • Contracts
  • Deposition


  • Reports
  • Test results
  • Invoices
  • Medical history
  • Discharge summary
  • Operative report

For other documents not listed here, please request a quote.


We Guarantee Satisfaction

We give money back guarantee that our Certified Translation will be accepted as an official translation.

For any reason, if there is a problem with its acceptance by a government agency, whether US or foreign, we will get in touch with the institution on your behalf to amend the matter.

Translation Certification

Our Certified Translation is accepted by the USCIS and State Department as well as all other international government agencies worldwide.

CBS Translation Service upholds all of its recognized translation process standards in the industry.

We are Corporate Member of ATA (American Translators Association).

Your Information is Confidential

We understand that our clients value their privacy, particularly when it comes to personal or confidential business documents.

We adhere to all government-mandated confidentiality laws and take great measures to ensure your privacy.

Your documents translated in 3 simple steps.


Send your documents via e-mail
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Find out about our fair
and affordable prices


We deliver your documents
in 1-3 business days




We have a fair pricing method. We assess each page and calculate accordingly.

Our rate is $75 / page (per full page).

Pricing Example:
Let’s say you have 2 pages documents. First page is full and second page is 1/3 full.
We calculate as 1.3 pages x $75 = We would quote for $97.50
(instead of 2 pages x $75 = $150)

Extra copy $12 (notarized set).

Our minimum charge is $65


Translation (including page layout work)

Legal Certification


Postage (via regular USPS)


Our typical turn around time is 2 business days.

For multiple page orders, delivery timing may extend to additional day(s).


You don’t need to bring your actual (original) documents to our office.

You can email your documents or use our secure link to upload your files.

Please state your translation requirements in the message.

Once you submit your documents, we review the content on each page.

We send our quote within 1 hour.


We can mail to your address or you may pick up from our office.

Our price includes postage via regular USPS.

If you need faster delivery, we can send your documents expedited at additional cost.


You can make your payment by PayPal, Card, Check, Cash and Zelle.

Note: PayPal or card payments, we add 3.5% surcharge.


Apostille may be required when notarized translation document needs to be sent to another country.

If requested, we can obtain Apostle document as additional service.

We charge $120 for handling (staff time and transportation)


Please electronically submit clear and legible copies of the documents you need a translation.

Please do not bring your original (source) documents for scanning to our office.

Your documents will not be scanned by our staff.

Should you have an issue with the final translation, please contact your CBS Translation contact to report these issues.

There are no translators on site.


How do I get a price quote?

Simply fill in our Quote Request form or e-mailelectronic copy of your document(s).

We will respond within 1 hour with a quote and details. (usually much sooner).

How do I pay?

We accept payment through all major credit cards, PayPal, check, money order and cash.

What is the turn around time?

Our typical service time is around 2-3 business days depending on volume.

Do you guarantee the lowest prices in the industry?

We cannot guarantee competing rates and quotes. But we can guarantee that there are NO hidden costs involved in our quotation.

Which types of documents that CBS translates?

CBS translates virtually all types of documents. Whether highly technical or very general, CBS will provide the highest translation quality possible by matching translators specializing in the subject area of your document with your text.

Note: CBS reserves the right to refuse to any text considered to be morally objectionable or illegal in nature.

What is the CBS guarantee?

We stand by our work. We offer a money-back guarantee acceptance by the U.S. government or other official institutions of our certified translations.

If needed, we will communicate with the agency that our translation submitted in order to satisfy questions or needs further details. We would do it at no extra charge to you.

CBS guarantees the translation you receive to be of the highest quality. If you have any problem with our work, we will be happy to discuss with you any corrections needed, at no extra cost.

What is Certified translation vs. Standard translation?

CBS’ certified translations go through set of translation checks and proofreading to guarantee accuracy.

Our work is guaranteed to meet all requirements for certified translations demanded by all major government agencies.

We deliver our translations on CBS specific templates that correspond to the U.S. and international definitions of certified translation.

Our translations include page layout work (mirror image of the source document), appropriate stamps, CBS corporate certification and final notarization.

What is the process to obtain a certified translation?

The process consists of 3 parts:

1) To obtain an estimate, submit a copy of your documents to be translated:

You may send as scanned image or clear photograph via email attachments to: [email protected]

2) We will send you our work for final approval:

We request you to review before signature process. Upon your approval, final translation goes to certification and notarization process and will be ready for office pick up or we send to your address by Regular USPS mail. Express mail is optional at additional charge.

3) Payment:

We request payment during pick up or prior to mailing.

Are my documents archived?

Yes. By law, we are required to do so. We archive electronic copy of all translated materials in the event an agency that your translation is submitted requests to verify if submitted translation and document matches.

We do not do paper archiving. If you ever need a certified copy of your translation again, let us know and we will process the request in same business day.

Do I need a certified translation?

Yes. If you are applying for any type of visa / passport / green card or virtually any matter at all with the USCIS (formerly known as the INS) or State Department, chances are you need a fully certified translation of any foreign documents.

Likewise, for recognition of legal/medical diplomas and school transcripts, certified translations are always the safest guarantee of acceptance.

Always check with the institution you are submitting your documents to for determining which documents need certification.

Do I need to send in my original documents?

No. There is no need to send or bring your original documents.

We can issue certified translation based on good quality scanned images or clear photographed documents.

We don’t need to see the originals to perform our work as our job is not to verify the authenticity of your document.

What security features does CBS implement?

CBS securely archives all of your documents on non-internet accessible workstations. Your documents that are received for a quote, but not followed with an order to be translated, will be deleted after 30 days.

We will never divulge any information related to you or your documents to any third party.

Our payment methods also use secure gateway banking systems for processing of credit card numbers, which are never saved by CBS.

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