Need your audio/video files transcribed?

We provide a Human Transcription Service.We Transcribe & Translate your audio, video files in 120 languages.

Quickly. Accurately. Fairly priced.

From Talk To Text

In a combination of speech technology paired with human transcription, we turn all talk into text, in any language.

We make every effort to convey the intended meanings, tone, and nuances of the original text, and deliver in the file format you prefer.

How it works?


First, we transcribe your audio or video into text format in any language to/from English.


Our linguists are capable to translate the transcribed text in 120 languages.

Why choose us?

All Details

All details are captured.
Speaker names & Timestamps are included.


Our translators pick up accents, regional speech patterns, and unusual words.


Your Data Privacy is very important.
Client content security is our top priority.

Fair Pricing

Whether it is for personal procedure or international business, we translate your content accurately.

Quick Turnaround

We deliver most projects in 1-3 business days.
We deliver in a side-by-side format.


Your satisfaction is guaranteed.
We answer your questions, explain nuances.

Transcription Project Process


Contact us for your needs.
We will provide our detailed quote.


Easily submit your audio / video files
through our secure file server.
We will complete your order with all details, efficiently, and accurately.


You will be notified as your order is completed and you can download from our secure server.
Typically, we deliver in 1-3 days.

CBS Translation is the place for Transcription and Translation services combined.