While our hourly rates are reasonable, we also require 2 hours minimum charge, which is 1 hour less than our competitors.


We request advance payment for quoted amount.

If there is additional time and/or mileage, we then invoice for the difference.

Requesting a service

We request you provide following information regarding your service needs:
– date
– start time
– duration (firm or estimated)
– location
– contact name and phone number at location
– subject

Our service confirmation is subject to availability of linguists for requested date / time.

Confirming my order

Once our availability is confirmed, we will send you our service document pertaining all details about your order.

Extra time / cost

Our minimum time is for 2 hours. We charge extra time in 15 minutes increments.

Service Quality

All interpreters in our network come in minimum of 5 years language service experience.

They are experienced by language and professional conduct.

How do I pay?

You can pay by credit card or PayPal.

Credit card or PayPal payments are subject to 3.5% commission surcharge.

How much will my event cost?

It is important for us to know the details about your project.

Before we give you a quote, we will ask you where, when, and for what kind of event you will have.

Once we get this information from you, we will send you a detailed quote within 1 day.

Do you provide simultaneous interpretation equipment?

Yes we do.

Depending on the type of events, we suggest different options to our clients. We will help you select the right equipment for your next international meeting.

International conferences, conventions, or meetings require full-size or tabletop booths for interpreters and headsets for the audience.

For seminars, smaller meetings, or breakout sessions we recommend a less expensive solution – portable interpretation system consisting of a small transmitter and receivers for the listeners.

We include all of these services in our per-word translation rates.

Do you provide on-site technician on simultaneous interpretation events? 

Yes we do.

We provide on-site technical support for the duration of the meeting making it absolutely worry-free for our clients.

Do you offer simultaneous interpretation service internationally? 

Yes, we do.

For all types of events, for all major languages, at any location, we provide the same service anywhere in the world.

We can provide interpreters locally, nationwide and around the world. We can also send a US-based interpreter abroad.

Do you provide local interpreters? 

Most clients prefer to work with local interpreters because they want to save money on the interpreter’s travel, accommodation and per diem.

With our database of over 1,500 professional interpreters, we provide local interpreters in all major U.S. and world cities.
Depending on the language combination and the number of interpreters that you require, we can tell you best logistic and cost options for your event. We bring in out-of-town interpreters only if we cannot find local interpreters or if our clients insist on using the interpreters they liked during previous assignments.

Don’t let language barriers slow down your international business.

Contact us today to learn more about our tailored interpreter.