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About Polish Language

Polish is a West Slavic language of the Lechitic group written in the Latin script. It is spoken primarily in Poland and serves as the native language of the Poles. In addition to being the official language of Poland, it is also used by the Polish diaspora. There are over 50 million Polish speakers around the world. It ranks as the sixth most-spoken among languages of the European Union. Polish is subdivided into regional dialects and maintains strict T–V distinction pronouns, honorifics, and various forms of formalities when addressing individuals.

Among the major languages, it is most closely related to Slovak and Czech but differs in terms of pronunciation and general grammar. Polish was profoundly influenced by Latin and other Romance languages like Italian and French as well as Germanic languages, which contributed to a large number of loanwords and similar grammatical structures. Extensive usage of nonstandard dialects has also shaped the standard language; considerable colloquialisms and expressions were directly borrowed from German or Yiddish and subsequently adopted into the vernacular of Polish which is in everyday use.

Historically, Polish was a lingua franca, important both diplomatically and academically in Central and part of Eastern Europe. Today, Polish is spoken by estimated 38 million people as their first language in Poland. It is also spoken as a second language in eastern Germany, northern Czech Republic and Slovakia, western parts of Belarus and Ukraine as well as in southeast Lithuania and Latvia. Because of the emigration from Poland during different time periods, most notably after World War II, millions of Polish speakers can also be found in countries such as Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Israel, Australia, the UK and the USA.

Polish Interpreting Services

We offer 3 options for interpreting services such as onsite, online, and over-the-phone interpreting. You select a service whichever fit to your needs and budget.

  • Polish Interpretation for Zoom Meetings
  • Consecutive Polish Interpretation
  • Simultaneous Polish Interpretation Services
  • Polish Conference Interpretation

Polish Localization Services

Our native Polish translators are experts in the region of your target audience. We ensure your translated documents are true to regional variations.

Following are the samples of translation localization we offer:

  • Regional marketing content
  • Ad campaign test
  • Branding
  • User manuals

Polish Certified Translation

We deliver all Polish Personal Document Translation as certified and notarized.

You may present our translated documents for all official reasons. (i.e. USCIS applications, legal or the government procedures).

Here are just a few samples of the we translate:

  • Marriage certificate translation
  • Birth certificate translation
  • Driver license translation
  • Passport translation
  • Deeds translation
  • Death certificate translation

Apostille: You will need to obtain Apostille document if you need to send your certified translation abroad. This document is issued by the Secretary of State.


Your privacy is a critical principle at CBS Translation.

We comply with the necessary Privacy Policies to maintain the comfort of our clients.


Our format is compliant with translation certification requirements.
In case our translation is not accepted by an organization, we will contact the organization and solve the situation on your behalf.

Polish to English Legal document translation

We are here to serve for your language need in Polish language for any type of requests

Following are the samples of work we deliver:

  • USCIS Documents
  • Legal Documents
  • Government Documents
  • Financial Documents
  • Website translation
  • Voice Over Translation
  • Marketing Content
  • Patent Translation
  • Immigration Documents Translation
  • Transcription Services

How We Deliver Your Documents

You may receive your documents by mail, email or picking up from our office.

Our Turnaround Time

We deliver in 1 to 3 business days, depending on volume and the complexity of your documents.

Polish Video Translation Services

From e-learning and marketing training, video is a powerful tool for various purposes. Polish video translation is requested for many reasons in the U.S.

CBS Translation has the expertise and resources to support your company in producing exceptional Polish video content.

  • Polish Translation of Transcripts
  • Polish Captioning 
  • Polish Voiceover 

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