We serve variety of industries

At CBS, we aim to make a difference for our clients, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, whatever sector your company operates.

Our global translators know the requirements for these specific industries.

Experienced linguists.

We only assign linguists with extensive experience on specific sector in which our client operates.

All linguists and translators are qualified native speakers, who has relevant translation experience in specialist subject matter



Saying the right thing when talking about dreams

Travel, tourism, hospitality and entertainment companies market directly to consumers’ emotions and desires. This requires highly creative language thus adequate translation is the key to captivate target market.



Technology changes, meanings should not

Technology brings cultures and marketplaces together like never before, but navigating the global marketplace can still be tricky. Our clients turn to CBS for help in identifying how their products can reach more users and use our technology to take them there.



Dependable legal solutions

At CBS, we understand that our legal clients need much more than translation to support their global litigation and discovery strategies. CBS translates a lot of legal documents. Our proven record shows a long-standing commitment to quality, speed, and subject-area expertise for international litigation.



Properly translated content is critical

CBS has been serving manufacturing clients providing precise, accurate translations that are critical in an industry which even an incorrect decimal point can have profound repercussions. We translate content related to manufacturing such as product manuals, packaging, training materials and more.



Translation solutions for a global marketplace

Expansion across borders brings big rewards, but every new territory also brings new challenges. CBS helps retailers’ strategies match their expression with local focus.



Global education and training translations

We help organizations maximize the value of their learning content by providing translation and localization services in more than 120 languages for all types of learning content, including e-learning courses, sales and product training, user guides, classroom instruction materials and more.



Secure and precise translations for the finance sector

With a deep understanding of the importance of quality translation in finance, we have the skills and global capability to manage your time-critical, specialised content.

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