At any subject, any place, any time.

CBS offers Consecutive and Simultaneous interpreting services in 45 languages across a variety of practice areas.
We provide on-site interpreters for your global business needs, from small one-on-one business meetings
to large-scale events, across a variety of industries.

Our interpreters are qualified and accredited linguists with industry expertise
who will represent you with the highest level of professionalism

Whether it’s a face-to-face business meeting, or corporate conference, we help you communicate.

Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive Interpretation is the oral conversion between two parties who do not share a common language. Typically, one participant makes a statement or asks a question in their native language, and then sequentially, the interpreter orally converts the statement or question into the native language of the second participant.

Consecutive Interpretation is ideal for:

    • Formal and Informal Conversations
    • Business Meetings
    • Negotiations
    • Conventions and Trade Shows
    • Legal Meetings Court Services
    • Health Care Communications
    • One-on-One Communication and Small Meetings
    • Telephone conversations or remote meetings
    • Escort Interpretation duringTravel
    • Hourly, Single or Multiple Days
What we do for your appointment?

We provide you a qualified, experienced interpreter for your appointment.

Our interpreters possess minimum 5 years of experience with professional conduct to make your appointment efficient.

Our rates are very competitive and any extra time is fairly calculated.


Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous Interpretation is instant conversion of language from one speaker to multiple listeners.

This process requires high levels of concentration and requires a team of two or more interpreters to sustain interpretation quality.

Simultaneous Interpretation is ideal for:

    • Symposiums
    • Conferences
    • Corporate Events
    • International Summits
    • Business Meetings
    • Workshops
    • Employee Training
    • Live Broadcasting
    • Government Conferences
Do you want conference style interpreting for your event?

CBS offers the finest available simultaneous interpreting for conferences, meetings and other events. Our professional simultaneous interpreters are highly skilled in adapting live speech for your target audience. CBS maintains a rich resource pool of highly qualified, experienced interpreters who are industry and subject matter experts.

Simultaneous interpreting also requires audio setup and skilled audio technician support throughout the event.

CBS plans, provides, and supports for all these aspects in order to make your event successful.

What we do for your event?

CBS Translation provides comprehensive solutions by delivering quality interpreting team, all pertaining audio equipment, set up, on-site technician and installation & dismantling.

We listen your needs for a smooth and cost effective event without sacrificing the quality.

We assign a Project Manager to your event who will be responsible from planning to execution.

Our interpreters bring clarity and accuracy to your meetings and events.

We have a wide network of subject matter specialist interpreters who can help you communicate confidently in any language and in any environment. All interpreters are matched according to their specific industry experience, technical skills and linguistic ability, even down to the right dialect; we’ll make sure we identify the perfect person for your requirements.


Our interpreting team will work closely with you to ensure that we understand your full requirements, environments and audience before we match you with the most talented and relevant interpreter.

Don't let language barriers impact your event.

Contact us to learn more about our interpreting services.