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Have you been looking for a translation company that can translate your documents into any language?

CBS Translation is the best option for you.

We pride ourselves in the quality of our services, which have been considered one of the best Indianapolis Translation Services there is.

We count on an excellent team of professional translators who can manage your documents and translate them into over 100 languages from across the world.

Our variety of work varies from Medical Documents to Legal Translation Services. Regardless of whether you’re a company or an individual, we can get your translations done in a short amount of time while keeping the quality of the result intact.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Legal Translation
  • Education Translation
  • Marketing Translation
  • Simultaneous Interpretation
  • Product Manual Translation
  • Medical Translation
  • Certified Translation
  • Medical Translation
  • Immigration Translation
  • Advertising Translation
  • USCIS document translation
  • Diploma / Transcription Translation

Whatever service you need to hire, we assure you’ll get the best results. Our team of translators and project leaders will work alongside you to make sure every single one of your needs is met.

Interpreting Services in Indianapolis

CBS Translation offers 2 types of interpreting services.

We have linguists for On-site Interpreting and Online-Interpreting services for any subject, time and language.

We provide Interpretation Services for the city of Indianapolis and the State of Indiana.

Simultaneous Interpreting Services for

  • International Conferences
  • International Conventions
  • Corporate Events
  • Government Meetings

Consecutive Interpreting Services for

  • Legal Interpreting Service
  • Court Interpreting Service
  • USCIS Interpreting Service
  • Medical Interpreting Service

Why Consecutive Interpretation Service is Needed?

One of the services we are proud to offer in Indianapolis is Consecutive Interpretation Services.

Consecutive Interpreting is quite useful when you need to get your message through in a language different than your own.

Whether you’re a small or large company, or just an individual, you won’t have to deal with a language barrier when communicating with other people. Our group of professional translators and interpreters has you covered.

Some of the instances where this service may come in handy are:

  • Immigration Appointments
  • Legal Meetings
  • Court Services
  • Business Meetings
  • Negotiations
  • Conventions and Trade Shows

You may also hire this service if you’re in need of an interpreter to get through One-on-One Communication and Small Meetings.

You can hire this service hourly, half-day, for single or multiple days.

Sometimes, when going through a legal procedure, you may find yourself needing to translate your personal documents. CBS Translation offers Legal Document Translations in Detroit to meet this demand.

As a popular translation company in Detroit, we guarantee excellent quality when it comes to translating personal documents that will make your legal procedures less tedious.

Some examples of Legal Documents that we can help you:

  • Court Documents Translation
  • Judgment Translation
  • Titles Translation
  • Deed Translation
  • Contracts Translation
  • Deposition Translation
  • And, literally any type of document you have

Simultaneous Interpretation Services in Indianapolis

In case you’re setting up an international event, you may need a simultaneous interpreter. So your participants need to understand what other people are saying in real-time.

You can count on our team of professionals who can remove the language barrier.

No matter what your topic is, we will pair you with simultaneous interpreters who will help your audience to understand what’s being said concurrently.

Some of the situations where this service can be useful are:

  • Symposiums
  • Conferences
  • Corporate Events
  • International Summits
  • Business Meetings
  • Workshops
  • Employee Training
  • Live Broadcasting
  • Government Conferences

CBS Translation is the perfect resource for Simultaneous Interpretation Services in Indianapolis.

Personal Document Translation Services

Our company has been accepted and listed as one of the Best Indianapolis Translation Services companies. One of the benefits of having your translations made by a specialized company like CBS is that you won’t have to deal with the validity of your documents.

Some of the documents that we can translate and certify are as follows:

  • Driver License Translation
  • Passport Translation
  • Birth Certificate Translation
  • Marriage Certificate Translation
  • Divorce Decrees Translation
  • Death Certificate Translation
  • Academic Documents Translation

Regardless of the size of your text or the type of document or even format, we can help you translate it in 120 languages.

Besides, you won’t have to worry about your translation not being valid or accepted in different offices or administrations.


Clients Privacy is sacred to us. We highly care about our clients.

Confidentiality. We comply with the necessary Privacy Policies to maintain the comfort of our clients.

Acceptance Guaranteed!

We are focused to deliver high-quality translations in a relative format.

In any case, our certified translation is not accepted, we will contact the institution, and will work towards solving the situation on your behalf.

Legal Translation Services in Indianapolis

Here at CBS Translation, we understand how important it is to deal with legal documents with care and professionalism. That is why, our team of experienced translators work hand in hand with you and stay up to date with the way the different legal procedures work. This way, we guarantee you get quality results.

You won’t have any problem presenting your legal documents in different parts of the world, thanks to our Legal Translation Services. Any person who resides in Indianapolis can opt for the different services regarding legal documents.

Some of these include:

  • Court Documents Translation
  • Judgment Translation
  • Contracts and Agreements Translation
  • Deed Translation
  • Titles Translation

Besides, if you’re in need of a professional interpreter, you can carry out meetings with your lawyer, or a citation in court, as well as other legal meetings, We can help you with it. With our Consecutive interpretation services, you’ll be good to go.

Multilingual Indianapolis Translation Services

We understand the need so many residents of Indianapolis have to translate their different documents. Whether you’re an individual looking to sort through immigration paperwork, or a company trying to expand their borders. CBS Translation is the perfect ally to help you fulfill your translation needs.

Count on our translators that can manage your documents and translate them into many languages. Specifically, we manage over 120 languages, including specific dialects of each one.

Some of these languages include:

  • Spanish translation
  • Japanese translation
  • Chinese translation
  • Russian translation
  • Italian translation
  • Portuguese translation
  • French translation
  • Farsi translation
  • Urdu translation
  • Marathi translation
  • And 110 languages more

No matter what the subject matter is, our team of professionals at CBS can help you as one of the best Indianapolis Translation Services.

First, just specify what you’re looking for and wait for our detailed quote.

Translating your documents with us will defeat the dreaded language barrier.

What are you waiting for?

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