Apostille is an authentication certificate that helps documents recognized internationally. It serves as an extra official layer or proof that issuing country certifies the validation of the notary who signs the document. The Apostille document authenticates the seal and signature of the official who signs public documents.

Apostille is required when a document notarized or signed/sealed by government needs to be sent to another country. In other words, a certified copy obtained in one country must be presented in another.

What Does The Apostille Document Do For You?

Apostille enhances the authenticity of the document to the receiving party in another country (i.e., court, government office, academic institution, etc.).

Apostille assures that a document signed in the presence of a notary is accurate, not fabricated or altered before the notary, by validating the notary’s validity and commission period.

Seeing an Apostille document attached to the paper (s) presented to an institution in a foreign country makes it recognized and helps the procedure resume.

Who Needs An Apostille Document?

Anyone who needs to send their document to be recognized in another country is asked to obtain an Apostille document.

For example, the following documents require authentication abroad: affidavits, agreements, articles of incorporation, deeds of assignment, company bylaws, diplomas, home study, income verification, powers of attorney, trademarks, warrants, extraditions, transcripts, certificates of good standing and any business documents. Also, parents wanting to adopt a child living in another country must have their adoption papers accompanied by Apostille authentication. 

Where Can You Obtain An Apostille Document?

You can take your notarized document to the Secretary of State and obtain the Apostille document by yourself.

Please note that not all Secretary of State offices provide this document, and some states provide Apostille documents via mail request sent to their office at the state capital.

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