Be aware that preparing a resume is as important as what is in the resume. 

Most of the time, a resume serves as the single catalyst between a job/position-seeking professional and the hiring party.

Because a resume’s role is getting you at an interview table, preparing one should be handled with great care and requires significant awareness of details. Resume writing should not be underestimated.

A badly prepared or formatted resume will not get you the opportunity you are following unless you have a distinctive skill or knowledge. 

In this article, I will talk about the important elements seemingly in one or two pages of what we call your brochure.

First, consider your resume as a living document. Never think it is done once and cannot be touched until you change your job or position for updating. A resume is a build-up document. It contains three important aspects in it.

1-  The content of your background 

What you tell them about yourself should be concise, measurable, or imaginable.

Give them the sense that you brief them about yourself instead of bragging or manipulating them. 

2-  Layout and Styling

I call it Visual Attraction. There are many styles. However, your layout should be easy to read, and your format needs to be consistent within and between the sections. 

Refrain from eye-twisting formats such as unnecessary lines, borders, and italic and bold fonts. Make it plain and consistent.

3- The language skill 

What I mean by this is your use of the language, not the language(s) you know.

Nowadays, most resumes are prepared in English for global or local use. Proper language use is essential. Your grammar needs to be accurate, and the selection of words should be proper or relative. 

We advise that you prepare your resume in two separate approaches. One is the content, and the other is visual. You must combine these into a single document, make it your brand brochure, and make them want to meet with you. 

And ultimately, I would like to talk about our experience. Let me tell you about our evaluation process for a potential resource. 

Our company is a global language services provider. While we service many multinational companies and all types of clients dealing with international procedures, audiences, and authorities, we also seek and hire people from all over the world. A resume becomes an applicant’s first point of contact and a tool telling us to stop or go about a person. 

After narrowing down from many qualified resumes and getting to the stage of individual resume reviews, seeing whether a resume is prepared professionally or attentively or not, becomes our first criterion in marking or eliminating the applicant. Because we firmly believe that a person incapable of preparing an impressive-looking resume cannot give attention to the work we would expect from him/her. 

All of these elements will give the evaluating person(s) a feeling that inviting you to meet with you is a good decision, or if they see the resume unprofessionally prepared or sense that you are an inattentive person will result in a thought that meeting with you is likely to be a waste of time. 

Useful hints:

  • When sending your resume electronically, always send it in Pdf format, not as an editable file such as Word. 
  • Adding your full name, last revision date, and page number on the bottom footer section, preferably in smaller font and faded colour, would not only be helpful, but also will make it look professional and sleek.