What is Desktop Publishing?
Desktop Publishing (DTP) is typically one of the phases for translating personal documents. It is for reproducing the layout on a solved paper as in the source document (the original document submitted by the client).

The purpose of Desktop Publishing
DTP does  personal documents a mirror image of what is created in the target language.
Desktop Publishing helps:

  • Creating images in the document (i.e., tables, forms, exhibits, seals, etc.)
  • Changing the fonts to match the script of the target language(s)
  • Making text read from right to left (for languages such as Hebrew, Arabic, and Urdu)
  • Regenerating the table of contents
  • Editing graphics

A good translation services company will provide accurate and completely translated personal documents accompanied by mirror images of the original document. Upon delivery, clients should not need to perform additional work and submit it to any institution worldwide.

CBS Translation delivers all document translations in the same or similar format to the original document provided.