In the current age, we all experience international relations or actions. As a result, we end up needing a translation service. Accurate translation becomes critical whether it is for our personal or business needs.

The First Step is to be Who You Are.

If you are an individual and need your document(s) translated, you must have a Certified Translation by an accredited translation service company.

Due to an official procedure, you need Spanish Translation Service for your birth certificate.

  • First, you need to find a translation company.
  • Make sure that this company delivers your document(s) as certified and notarized.
  • Get a quote first.
  • You must submit your original document(s) in the source language. Remember that you do not need to present or leave original documents at the translation company. Providing a scanned image or taking a photograph would be sufficient.
  • Make sure your certified documents come on company letterhead, with page numbering and the current date on each page.

You may submit your Certified Translation to any institution or government department with everything stated above.

You may find details and steps in the following link:

CBS Translation | Personal Documents

Suppose you are an institution (i.e., company, government local or state institution, or a non-profit organization) and need your business content translated. In that case, you will need to contact a translation service company that is capable and proven with business clients and references.

You need a Chinese Translation Service for your corporate policy update.

The translation service company you need for the Chinese language should be able to provide you with not only competitive rates but furthermore, should give you the following:

You may find details and steps in the following link:

CBS Translation | Business Translation

In summary, whether you need a Japanese or a Russian Translation Service, you must ensure that you will find quality, customer service, and cost in one place.

CBS Translation provides  translation services in 120 languages for all types of content.